Affordable Ways to Heat Your Commercial Property

10 December 2012
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10 December 2012, Comments 0

Winter is here, the icy mornings are upon us and the first snow fall is due any day now. It has been another tough year for the commercial sector, with budgeting worries and public sector spending at an all-time low and you’re now going to have to deal with heating your business property!

With the rising price of energy bills are you heading towards another expensive few months attempting to keep your staff and your premises warm? With the advancement in renewable energy systems it’s now easier than ever to get these systems installed and it really can make a difference to your energy bills.

Here at Pritchard Services Ltd we specialise in providing both domestic and commercial customers with the best possible heating solutions for them. And with energy bills at an all-time high, solar systems could be the way to go.

Solar Heating Systems

We supply and install both solar panels and heat pumps. Having solar panels fitted to your property could mean that up to 70% of your business’ hot water could be generated from solar heating, meaning you could make great savings on your gas and electricity bills.

Here at Pritchard Services Ltd we also supply and install both air and ground source heat pumps in Cardiff. As with the solar panel heating systems you could also see a real drop in your fuel bills and you’ll no longer have to worry when you crank up the heating to keep your employees warm.

Another advantage of a renewable energy system is that it’s also your chance to build up your reputation as a ‘green’ and environmentally friendly company.

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