Effective Eco Ways To Heat Your Home This Winter

14 January 2014
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14 January 2014, Comments 0

There are a wide variety of environmentally friendly ways that the family home can be heated in the winter. These can include solar heating, biomass boilers, underfloor heating, and both ground and air source heat pumps. Not only are these types of heating kind to the environment, but they can be cost effective, too.

In our latest article here at Pritchard Services, we run through some of the most effective eco heating methods that we can provide your home – check them out, and give us a call!

Solar Heating

Solar heating is able to provide most homes with around half of its hot water all through the year, while just a basic domestic system will be responsible for cutting CO2 levels dramatically. How much any CO2 levels are reduced will depend on the type of fuel that has been replaced, but the figure will typically be between 350kg to 400kg a year according to the Energy Saving Trust.

The popularity of solar energy continues to rise, with many people being attracted to solar panels by the combination of being able to reduce their carbon footprint and the size of their energy bills, as well as the falling cost of the panels themselves.


Most biomass systems have very precise requirements when it comes to fuel, but, when these requirements are met, small levels of emissions are the result. Biomass boilers are an example of how biomass fuel can be utilised. Various types of energy can be produced via renewable bioenergy technologies, including gas, electricity, chemical and heat.

Underfloor Heating

Underfloor heating ensures that heat won’t be lost to the same degree as a typical radiator. Underfloor heating is distributed more equally than is often the case with radiators, which are usually positioned close to windows and often distributed heat from a couple of feet – losing a lot of heat to the ceiling. By heating from the ground up, underfloor heating is able to distribute heat much more effectively. This type of heating is easy to control and it also frees up space in your home, due to the redundancy of radiators in rooms you install it in.

Heat Pumps

The variety of beneficial environmental aspects of heat pumps include low carbon and the cutting of carbon emissions and, consequently, helping to lower energy bills. Ground and air heat pumps can be used for heating and for generating hot water, drawing residual heat from either the ground or the air outside and utilising this throughout your home.

With more than three decades of experience, and based in Bristol, Cardiff and South Wales, we here at Pritchard Services are a company that specialises in providing only the most effective heating and electrical solutions. These include a wide range of renewable energy solutions. Our very skilled and qualified engineers are experienced at dealing with a variety of complicated jobs, and major companies are among our list of clients.

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