In a world where most individuals and companies alike are trying to save energy we at Pritchard Services Ltd realise the importance of including this as part of what we do as a company.

So if you are a individual person wishing to save energy at home or a company with the same ambition to save energy at your commercial or industrial property we can help.

We are proud to play our part in providing a service from advice to design and installation of the latest in boilers, controls and renewable technologies to the latest in energy saving chemicals.

You do not have to go down the route of renewable technology to save energy, there are other options that can be less costly but still save money long term. Like the energy saving chemicals mentioned earlier.

Pritchard Services Ltd are nominated installers in the UK for Hydromx™ a chemical adaptive for the commercial sector that can reduce energy costs by between 25 – 35%,

See below for a full list of the services we offer, and the help we can give in reducing your future energy costs.