Have Your Heating Checked Now Before Winter Comes

25 July 2012
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25 July 2012, Comments 0

There’s nothing worse than having the heating break down on you, generally because it’ll break down the moment you really need it most, in an arctic storm, for example. With the weather in Britain currently as dull and brooding as a 40 hour train journey locked in a cabin with Samuel Beckett, despite the misleadingly named summer months, there’s never been a better time to get organised and get your heating checked! Fortunately, here at Prichard Service Solutions, we provide top quality, professional heating engineers in Bristol, able to service all your heating equipment, readying you for the long winter nights ahead!

Naturally problems often arise over winter, and these can be anything from boilers breaking down to frozen pipes, to blocked radiators. The last thing you need however, is for something to happen to your heating when the weather is at its coldest. Specialists will be extremely busy at that time of year, and to be literally left out in the cold, without adequate heating for what could be days at a time would be incredibly inconvenient for you and your family. You may even have to book a day off work to let the engineers in!

Fortunately, our team of qualified heating specialists are on hand right away to complete a thorough, comprehensive inspection of your heating before the real cold weather sets in. We’re able to highlight and tend to any areas where there may be a potential for issues later on, and can clear any sort of build-up, rejuvenating your system, leaving it ready to take on the throws of the great British winter.

With over 30 years in the industry, you can rest assured our friendly engineers will be on hand to answer any questions and correct any misalignments within your heating that could lead to problems further down the line. And, in a field full of cowboys who can’t tell their cooker repair in Bristol from their heating maintenance, you need a trusted company ready to meet all your requirements. Our team is comprised of fully certified experts, experienced and professional, providing full support to you when you need it most.

So beat the winter weather, get your heating fully examined before the real cold reaches us, and do so with us here at Pritchard Service Solutions: providing heating and electrical solutions whatever the weather!