Top 3 Renewable Energy Heating Ideas

20 September 2012
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20 September 2012, Comments 0

We all do our best to use as little energy as possible to both reduce our energy bills and to do our bit for the environment. Long gone are the days of keeping our lights turned on when we go away for the week and you can forget all about that standby button on your remote. All of this helps of course, Mother Nature will be thanking you and every penny helps but you probably won’t be seeing any big difference in your energy bills. Here at Pritchard Services Ltd we’ve got some great renewable energy ideas from heat pumps to solar heating in Bristol that can really make a difference to your energy bills and the environment; forget a thank you, Mother Nature will be giving you a big old hug!

Solar Heating

Solar heating is perhaps the most well-known and popular form of renewable energy and with good reason; solar energy can provide nearly all of your home’s hot water during the summer months and around 50% throughout the rest of the year. The savings on gas/electric from using solar energy to heat your water will make a staggering difference to your bills so you can treat yourself and your family a little more often.

Biomass Fuels

Biomass systems are an excellent form of renewable energy but aren’t very common; a biomass system can produce energy products such as heat, gas and electrical which, like solar panels, can save you money on your bills and help the environment. The majority of biomass renewable energy systems often require a specific range of fuels to operate efficiently with low emissions.

Heat Pumps

Heat pumps are an effective alternative way to heat your home and your water. They can help to reduce your carbon footprint and lower your energy bills and here at Pritchard Serviced Ltd we specialise in the supply and installation of both ground and air source heat pumps.

Here at Pritchard Serviced Ltd we are committed to providing you with renewable energy solutions to help you save money; why not visit our website for more information or contact us if you have any questions?