What is a Heat Pump?

7 February 2012
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7 February 2012, Comments 0

Heat pumps are renowned for being an effective and extremely efficient form of heating for both commercial and domestic properties – but what exactly is a heat pump? This is a question that we at Pritchard Service Solutions frequently get asked. To answer your question, we have devised the following guide which outlines the question commonly asked about heat pumps Bristol.

What is a Heat Pump?

Simply put, heat pumps are electrical appliances Bristol that transfer heat from one area into another, being used to heat or cool the property as required. It is the act of transferring rather than generating heat which makes it efficient. The unit is easy to install and maintain, which makes it a great option for homeowners and businesses alike.

How Does It Work?

Much like an air conditioning system, a heat pump circulates a substance called refrigerant which is used to collect and transfer the heat from one area to another. It is the motion of transferring and upgrading the energy already existing in the air that is being transferred, which allows the heat pump to be considerably more energy efficient when compared with fuel burning heat appliances.

Who Can Install It?

As fully trained professionals with years of experience beneath our belts, you will find that we here at Pritchard Service Solutions have the proficiency to supply and install a heat pump. It is our extensive skill-set as installers which enables us to fit heat pumps in numerous properties throughout Cardiff, Bristol, South Wales, Newport and surrounding areas.

If you want a source of heating that is energy efficient, easy to install and relatively low maintenance then the heat pumps Bristol available from us at Pritchard Service Solutions are the solution. For more information surrounding our expertise, and the cost of installing one of our heat pumps please feel free to call us on 01633 740 741.

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