Will Solar Heating Still Work in Winter?

24 January 2013
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24 January 2013, Comments 0

Harnessing solar energy in the home has become an increasingly popular choice for many home owners and with the rising cost of fuel bills many more people are looking into it every year. However, a major thing that many people worry about is whether their solar panels or their solar heating will continue to work during the winter months.

A common misconception is that because it’s not particularly warm or sunny in the winter your solar panels will not work as well as they would in the summer. This is simply not true; the most important thing for people to remember is that solar panels operate using light not heat so you don’t need sun to harness solar energy.

In fact solar panels can work really well in winter as they react well to the cold. The electrics and mechanisms within the solar panels actually operate more efficiently in the cold. Therefore your solar panels and your solar heating system will still be harnessing solar energy during the winter months, regardless of the temperature outside. The only downside to the winter is that there is less hours of daylight meaning there isn’t as much time available for your solar panels to gather energy.

So if you’re thinking of installing a solar heating system into your home, don’t be put off by our freezing winters, you’re solar systems will continue to work all year round. Here at Pritchard Services Ltd we are fully experienced and equipped to install solar heating into your home and are always on hand to advice you on the best possible solution for you. For more information give us a call on 01633 740 741.